Thursday 7 June – Anikó Lipták and Güliz Günes

Speaker: Anikó Lipták (Leiden University) and Güliz Günes (Leiden University)
(joint work with Jason Merchant)
Title: Dutch P-stranding under sluicing
Date: Thursday 7 June
Venue: Van Eyckhof 2/003
Time: 11.15-12.30 hrs

This talk provides an explanation for the surprising ban on preposition stranding by R-pronominals in sluicing in Dutch. While R-pronouns can strand their preposition in non-elliptical contexts at a distance, they cannot do this when the stranded preposition is contained in an elided clause (Merchant 2001). We show that the observed ban cannot be attributed to a prosodic problem, concerning either the (de)accentuation of the stranded preposition or that of the overt R-pronoun. Pointing out some problems with an existing syntactic account of the data, we propose that the source of ungrammaticality lies entirely in the morphology.

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