Thursday 17 September – Luis Vicente

Speaker: Luis Vicente (the University of Potsdam)
Title: ATB extraction without coordination
Venue: Wijkplaats 3/006
Time: 15:15 – 16:00

A substantial portion of the literature treats Across-the-Board (ATB) extraction as a process restricted to coordinate structures. However, our best accounts of ATB extraction (Citko 2003, 2005; Bachrach and Katzir 2007) make no special reference to coordination; rather, ATB extraction is simply a way of enabling linearization of trees containing multidominated constituents, regardless of whether extraction takes place from within a coordinate structure. The goal of this talk is to convince you that the lack of reference to
coordination is actually a good feature of these analyses. We will see that sentences like (1) and (2), which have been traditionally treated as instances of parasitic gaps, show a number of properties that point instead towards an analysis in terms of non-coordinate ATB extraction.

(1) This is the book that everyone who reads [__] raves about [__].
(2) Where did this train run to [__] from [__]?

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